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Explore the Resort

discover Red River.

Lifts West is the premier luxury condominium resort in the Red River area, offering many of the amenities of a traditional hotel experience combined with the cozy privacy that comes with staying in a mountain condominium.

Perhaps the best feature of Lifts West is the hotel’s proximity – to just about everything. In just a few minutes walk from their rooms, guests can find themselves hopping on a ski lift or strolling down Main Street for dining, live music, a festival, or a parade – or heading to the local grocery store, when it’s time to pick up a few essentials or stock  your private kitchen. And when you’re ready for a day trip or other adventure exploring the surrounding area, New Mexico’s leading attractions are just a car ride away.

As a Lifts West guest, you’ll also be drawn in to the hotel’s rugged charm. Whether it’s the no-two-alike room décor, the gorgeous atrium in the Main Building, the giant stone fireplace in the lobby, or the stunning views to be taken in as you go to and from the hotel, there’s just no replicating the visual beauty of a mountain vacation in Red River.

If you’re planning a first visit, take a look at our gallery or room reservation sections to find out more about what’s in store for you. If you’re planning a return visit – welcome home!

The History of Lifts West

When you first arrive at Lifts West, you’ll realize instantly that you’ve journeyed to a destination of delightful contrasts.

It’s a place where Old World, Alpine charm mingles with walking-distance conveniences. Where a sense of adventure and bustling activity is always present, yet peaceful seclusion is only as far as your room. Where crisp mountain air or the crunch of snow beneath your feet may be experienced on the same day that you close your eyes by the rush of the river, or bask in the heat of a blazing fire.

And it’s a place where all the amenities of a rugged luxury mountain vacation experience are served up in a setting that feels as cozy and inviting as home.

Lifts West Condominium Hotel, one of New Mexico’s premier luxury condo options, is located in the heart of Red River, a premier vacation destination for skiers and summer vacationers alike.

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Main Building

The essence of rugged luxury is summed up in the mountain lodge atmosphere of the main building, which is also the location of the scenic Lifts West atrium and the hotel coffee shop and café. Both hotel rooms and condominium units are widely available in this area of the hotel.

Mountain Building

Besides the accommodations in the Main Building, the charming Mountain Building is home to additional options in the form of studio units, lofts, and two and three-bedroom suites. Many of the rooms’ balconies in this area of the hotel overlook our heated swimming pool, which is located behind the Mountain Building.


We feature many on-site amenities to help make your stay the best experience possible.

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Not sure yet? View our gallery to see more details about our rooms.


Not sure yet? View our gallery to see more details about our rooms.